Best type of birth control for my partner and I

Patient: How can my partner and I prevent pregnancy better than just using condoms? We have looked into things like a vasectomy, but I have had surgery on both testicles for tortioned testicles and i have had epididymitis once two years ago. We want to have kids in the future, but not right now. We aren’t sure what to do and what would be a good temporary solution until we decided to want to have kids.

Symptoms: No symptoms

Doctor: Hello,The best solution for contraception if you both as a couple are not planning to have kids for atleast 3 years i s hormonal contraception in form of implants like IMPLANON. These are to be used subdermally by your partner and would avoid ovulation and hence pregnancy. The validity is 3 years and if pregnancy is desired before that, they may be removed by a physician and menses generally resume within 1-2 months and regularize in next 2-3 months.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you both safe sexual practices,regards