Beta thalassaemia and hemoglobin reduction.

Patient: Hello I am a 27 year old asian female. In 2005 was tested and had results consistent with beta thalassaema, Haemoglobin A2. At that time I was too young to understand what that meant. Recently I had a health test showing I had low hemoglobiin levels of 09.9gdL meaning I had anaemia. Are these both related? and also how can I fix this? what foods would benefit me? I am thinking of having children in the next 2 years. Will this be a problem for me? Please break down this condition for me as I had trouble understanding it when it was first described to me. Thank you.




Doctor: Beta thalassaemia and anemia are related to each other. Blood transfusions are the most common way of treatment when hem moglobin gets low. You should keep full of iron and other essential minerals diet, try to eat more fruits and vegetables. As beta thalassaemia is considered a genetic problem, you would better get genetic counseling before you will have a child.

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