Better for my sinuses – an air cleaner or dehumidifier?

Patient: Which would be better to buy for my apartment to improve my sinus problems – an air cleaner, a dehumidifier or another device? I have allergies and sinus problems. I live in SC, and the humidity can be very high. I also have a lot of dust which may be due to my cats’ litter box even though I try to control it. I also have a very old AC unit which needs cleaning, and I am trying to get that done. I can only buy one of these devices now.

Doctor: There are two main things you could do. Buy a an air cleaner since you need to get your AC unit cleaned. Also however i would like to stress that you may not only be allergic to dust but also cats and cat litter, which may be aggravating your symptoms. All these sources that you have mentioned are potentiall allergens and thus typically all should be eliminated. Hope this helps/