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Better Nutrition Advice for Growth and Puberty

Patient: Hello,I am 14, going 15 this upcoming November, I havent hit my growth spurt yet, and is starting at the Stage 3 of Puberty according to the Tanner Stage Calculator.Since my Parents are short, my dad being at 5’5 and my mom at 5’0, I dont want to be short, as of now I am overweight, and 5’1. I grew 1 inch from last time i checked which was last year, anyways, I had few questions.1.) What Can I do to Be the tallest that my Genes would allow me to go.2.) Is it true Cycling Every day for 1 hr with seat raised 2-3 inches above regular seating can force the legs to stretch and allow you to grow when the growth Plates are open, you can grow 1/4 of a inch in 2 weeks?3.) What type of Nutrition should I have, what should I eat each day to allow me to grow properly.Also, since I am a freshmen and I weigh 165 , I am playing Football at my school, we start on monday with Cleanage anyways will getting to be active like that Help with my growth?Also, I am starting to go to sleep to get a minimum of 8 hrs of sleep starting yesturday I started.Some facts about myself,- My Voice got deeper 2 mnths after I turned 14-I have seen like, toned calves, meaning my calves are stronger then before, is this a sign of puberty stopping? Because I know that you grow and strengthen muscle through puberty-I have Pubic Hair, Arm Hair, Leg Hair-I am starting to see small and 1 or 2 longer Arm Pit hair-Half of my height is near my navelAlso what type of stretches or what Can i do to get taller?What type of Nutrition———————————————————————–This is my options through out the day what I can haveBreakfast – Cereal or Egg Sandwhich (which im having right now) the bread is whole grainLunch – Chicken Ceasar Salad, Garden Salad, Lo Mein, Fried Rice, Meat Subs, Burritos, Pizza, Chicken SandwhichDRINK: MilkSide: Usually I can get 1 choice of fruitDinner – I dont eat anything




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Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your height is indeed determined by the genes that are inherited from you parents. This acc ounts for largest and most important factor in your height. Nutrition and exercise and play an important role however this will only marginally affect how much you will eventually grow. It is important that you maintain a very healthy diet with adequate daily exercise in order to provide your body with the appropriate fuel for growth.With regards to your question #2, this method has not been medically proven to increase height. In fact, it is important to make sure your seat height during cycling is at a level where it does not cause excess train on your lower back, which can result in pain, and injury.From your detailed description we can see that you are following a very health diet and exercise plan. We encourage you to stick with this for the best results in height, and overall height. You are currently going through puberty and as a result you will notice marked development in your musculature and growth.Thank you for choosing


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