Better understanding of my MRI for shoulder

Patient: HI,I’m an asian female of 45 years of age and weighting 58 kilos at 5’4 height.I Have been having a painful shoulder for a couple of years now…which would feel better with pain killers and since i haven’t been weight lifting or any such strenuous exercise , its been manageable. about 4 months ago i had signed up for a pilates class and the pain aggravated to such an extent that even at rest there was pain.on consultation with the doc and subsequent MRI, the following report came:-1.interstitial/intrasubstance T2W/STIR hyper intensity within the supraspinatus mho-tendinous complex with no extension into the burial surface consistent with tendinosis and partial tear.2. Mild sub-acromial bursitis.3. SLAP type1 lesion with frying of superior labrum and intact biceps anchor4. Gleno humeral ligaments appear normal.5. Acromion clavicular erosive arthopathy changes and non specific T2W/STIR hyper intensity involving the acromion and clavicular ends due to marrow edema and thickened and hypertrophied synovial capsule.6. grade 1 degeneration of the biciptal and grade 1 degeneration of the subscapularis tendon ; tendinopathy .7. Acromion is type II with a curved undersurface impinging upon the supraspinatus of the rotator cuff tendons appear normal and in signal intensity.Bones under view appear normal in cortical outline ,alignment and signal intensity.The doc prescribed some coxib painkillers which have had not much effect on the pain. as soon as i stop taking them , pain is back.i would be obliged if you could first explain to me what exactly is my problem and how grave is it and secondly what i can do to relieve the pain and start using the arm normally.i was told that incase the painkillers do not work then i will need the steroid injection in the shoulder…. are there ny side effects of such injections?Thanks so much.Ritu

Symptoms: shoulder and arm pain