Biceps Femoris Tendon Avulsion

Patient: Can my hamstring be surgically fixed. while playing soccer I ripped the insertion of my bicep Femoris from the knee.

Symptoms: Pain in the calf and hamstring due to the injury and my foot feels like it moves differently now.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.It is possible to repair the muscle surgically but the muscle needs to be ex amined first and then tested. If a few fibres have torn, then surgery will not be needed. If the full muscle is torn off, then surgery may be needed.There are few cases of this occurring and a few Studies have shown that conservative (non-surgical) treatment has less recovery time. This is, however, if the muscle will repair itself without surgical repair. The next steps in management will be imaging like Ultrasounds and MRIs to confirm the tear.Later, the Doctor will decide the need for surgery.Hope this helps you. All the best.

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Patient: Hi doc, here is the mri report, can you please tell if this will heal or a surgery is necessary and what if I dont get a surgery, are there any PRP shots that can help in this case, if a surgery will it be a reconstruction and exactly what will they do in a surgery, Ive an appointment tomorrow to discuss this with my doctor. But I wanted a second opinion.