Bilateral ear pain >1 month Intermittent, sharp pains

Patient: Bilateral ear pain >1 month. Intermittent, sharp pains. I have been to the MedExpress 2 times. The first time I was put on antibiotics. I went through two rounds of antibiotics (different kinds). The second time it was passed of as earwax build up. They cleaned my ears, but I still have no relief. My R ear seems to hurt a little worse. I do not have sinus issues going on. Sometimes it will start with a sharp pain (ear canal) and then throb for a couple seconds. After that it goes away. Sometimes it comes back a few more times in that minute, but not always. It seems to hurt more if I am laying down. While they were cleaning my ears they needed to use pediatric tools because my ear drums sit like a child’s would. I do not have a history of ear infections. I don’t want to go back to the doctor for them to just clean my ears and send me away again, as my insurance doesn’t cover very much. Do I give it more time? I feel like a month is excessive. Do I go to a specialist? What could be causing this isolated pain??

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your problems of pain in both ears for 1 month for which you have taken 2 courses of antibiot ic, ear cleaning and so on and the problem are absolutely right, for such an undiagnosed case, it is better to take an opinion of an ENT specialist.The probable cause can be;- Eustachian Tube dysfunctions.- Sinusitis or associated pharyngitis as a primary cause.Occasionally such problems can be a referred pain due to TM joint arthalgia molar impaction problems.A proper diagnosis can alone lead to a proper treatment.