Bilateral flank pain, labs, xray, ultrasound normal

Patient: I’m a 32yr old female with unilateral flank pain. Urine, blood work, AUB xray, and ultra sound came back normal. My GP gave me a dose of Cifro, which i completed. I was fine with no pain for about 2wks. Then my urine started to smell like Cheerios cereal, and when it was left in the toilet over night it turned pink. I have not had any trouble urinating, even before the antibiotics, no pain when urinating but the kidney pain is back. Caffeine and alcohol seem to really bother them. Anytime i eat especially a fatty meal they ache from anywhere around an hour to three hours after eating. Over the counter drugs don’t seem to help. My GP was going to refer me to a specialist if the antibiotics didn’t work. I haven’t spoke to her since before i took the antibiotics. I’m assuming i had a UTI, but why did the kidney pain return? Should i take another dose of antibiotics ( i have an extra course of Amoxicillin 500)? What happens if my kidneys begin to hurt again? They didn’t find stones, no blood in my urine. The only meds i take about every other day is an antihestimine ( generic claritin). I’ve drank little else but water since this all began, and a lot of it. My urine is practically clear because i drink so much water.

Symptoms: Bilateral flank pain

Doctor: Hello,It is important that you may get a urine routine microscopy and culture done to look for red blood cells from k idney and isolate any organism causing urinary infection. If the pain in the kidney area is persistent then an ultrasound in the area is warranted to rule out any obstructive cause like a renal calculi causing obstruction , dilatation ad pain.The typical symptom of pain after a fatty meal , if it starts from below stomach and recedes to the renal area indicate towards acute pancreatitis as well. So it is advised to get a serum amylase levels also done to look for nay raised levels. Please visit a specialist for investigations before trying any otc antibiotic on your own.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards