Bilateral salpingectomy

Patient: Diagnosed with endometriosis. Scheduled laser laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, bilateral salpingectomy, endometrial ablation and insertion of Mirena IUD. Will my periods stop after surgery?

Symptoms: Pain in pelvis, abdomen, left hip, lower back

Doctor: The idea of endometrial ablation is to burn off the lining of the uterus to achieve amenorrhea or absence of periods. If successfully done the amenorrhea rates in expert hands are nearly 90 – 95 percent.Mirena is also a hormonal intrauterine contraceptive device that acts by thinning the endometrium thereby resulting in amenorrhea in 65 percent of women witghin 1 year of use.You have most probably been advised the above mentioned combinations of surgery as a treatment for endometriosis and the purpose of the same is most likely to give you absent periods and a resultant relief from symptoms of endometriosis. If you do not wish to stop having periods please discuss the same with your doctor in detail before you consent for the surgery.