Binge Drinking once a month

Patient: Hi,I had a question about alcohol. I have a close friend who drinks once in a month or one and a half months. But when he drinks he binge drinks. He has about 8 to 10 small pegs over the day easily. He doesnot seem to be affected by it. As in he never pukes or blackouts or misbehaves or is out of control.Will his health be affected by it ? He used to smoke before but has completely stopped now. He is 25.

Doctor: Welcome To Ask The Doctor.Binge drinking is not at all a good habit.It is highly discouraged.Binge drinking can cause Alcoholic hepatitis, Acute Pancreatitis, Sudden accidents or mishappenings.So I would advise you to discuss this with him and promote him for not drinking.You should promote him not to drink as binge.Ask him to get his liver function tests and Ultrasound Abdomen done to rule out any evidence of Liver Dysfunction.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy