Birth Control

Patient: I take low-ogestrel birth control. I’m on week 3 and have two pills left(its a 28 pack)before I take the inactive pills. I forgot my saturday pill, and I had sex saturday night and my boyfriend came inside me. Once I got home I looked to make sure I had taken my pill but I hadn’t! So I took it right then and there, and I just took the one for sunday now. The leaflet said to take 2 on the day I remember if I miss a pill. I took them hours apart though. I took one at about 5am this morning and the other at 11am, will I be ok?

Doctor: I understand how worried you are about your missed pill. This would cause some risk for pregnancy, however you did the r ight thing. Ideally the best thing to do would be taking the pill approximately at the same hour every day. In my opinion your risk would be minimal since you already passed your most fertile days and were almost in your last week.In the future try not to forget your pills and if in you do take it as soon as possible or take both on the next day. I wish you the best.