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Birth control after an abortion

Patient: Hi, I had an abortion august 17, 2015 and took the second dosage(misoprostol) of the abortion pill the following day, august 18. I started using the birth control august 23 and had unprotected sex august 28. Should I take the morning after pill or is my birth control already effective?



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The fact that its been just 5 days since you have started the or al contraceptive pill , hence you won’t be protected completely at present. It takes minimum 7 day of birth control to reach an effective level of hormones which shall inhibit ovulation. Hence it is recommended that you should take the emergency contraception.Also important would be the fact to confirm completion of abortion after medical abortion. Please get a serum beta hcg levels done anyways to confirm completion. Another important thing, that if you are going to take emergency contraception then you have to stop the present birth control pack and start a fresh one after the withdrawal bleed ( from day 2 of the bleed) for further protection.I hope i have answered your query,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards

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Patient: I don’t understand. So you’re saying that if i take the emergency contraception I would need to stop using my birth control method(pill) and start a fresh one after I get a period?

Doctor: yes that is exactly what i am saying because you would get a bleed after 7 days and hence you cannot continue this pack during the cycle. you would have to start a fresh pack from day 2 of bleed .


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