Birth control and antibiotics

Patient: I recently was prescribed an anti-biotic that I was to take for 7 days. While taking this medication, my birth control was interrupted and I spotted/bled for the entire duration of taking the anti-biotics. I continued to take my birth control normally, and now that I have finished the anti-biotics, I only have two days remaining on my birth control pills before I am supposed to have my period. Should I go straight to a new pack and skip my period since I have already been bleeding this past week? Or continue normally?

Symptoms: Spotting

Doctor: Hello ,Ideally you should allow yourself a break during this month and shouldn’t resume your fresh pack till menses ar e resumed and till then you may practice barrier contraception. This is to avoid any form of irregular shedding during your next cycle due to continuous usage of pills.I hoep i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards