Birth control and Irregular Periods

Patient: I’ve just been prescribed Co-Cyprindiol for birth control, my doctor told me to take it on the first day of my next period however I forgot to mention that I have irregular period- every other month. Is it still ok for me to take these tablets?

Doctor: Hi, Generally Co-Cyprindiol is not prescribed as a birth control unless the person is also having problems like acne or prolonged antibiotic usage or hirsutism. You can start the birth control pill from day 1 or 5 of the menstrual cycle as per the doctor’s suggestion and these pills will help to regularize your periods also.Hope that answers your query.

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Guest: hi . i am arnel , a husband , how can i get intercourse to my wife with no fertilisation ? and how do i now what is the best control ?i am very cureius of these kind of problem because there are several answer but i don’t now what is the best ? please i need best answer from you doctor ? i am willing to the possible answer from you doc?.,, gog bless.

Guest: heey my girlfriend and i had sex she taks birthcontrol and i used a condom can she be pregnant?