Birth control And sex

Patient: Ive been on birth contrl for a year if not more. I take my pills everyday on time. A couple weeks ago i missed two pills in a row and took them both earlier the next day. Later thatnight my fiance and i had sex and he did not ejaculate inside me, he pulled out. We have done this before and its been fine but i still get paranoid that i may be pregnant, what are my chances?

Symptoms: Paranoia

Doctor: Hello,If you have missed 2 days of pills during birth control and took those two pills the next day and if menses or withdrawal bleeding have not ensued then you are still protected. To add , if your partner is practicing withdrawal method , then the chances are minimal. However , if you happen to miss your periods, then the best way to rule out pregnancy would be to do a urine pregnancy test on 7th day post missed period.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards