Birth control, antibiotics, placebo week

Patient: I am currently on a combination birth control pill. Last cycle, I got a UTI and was prescribed bactrim for a few days. It didn’t work, so was put on cipro for another 5 days. I used a back up condom for the entire time I was on antibiotics, but not for a full week after. I was on active pills for 3-4 days after finishing the antibiotics then went on my placebo week, and had unprotected sex during placebo week. I had my regular withdrawal bleed on the 4th day of placebo week like I normally do. I am worried because I wasn’t on a full week of active pills before my placebo week after finishing my antibiotics, and did not use a back up after finishing my antibiotics. Do I have any reason to be concerned?

Symptoms: Fever and nausea for 1 day, stomach pain and loss of appetite the next day.