Birth control complications

Patient: I have been taking dianette contraceptive pill for the past 6 months as recent as of last week I was changed to Yasmin due to the fact my doctor said it is not advisable to stay on dianette for a long period of time. However, within a week of using it I started getting quite severe chest tightness, shortness of breath and wheeziness. So I stopped taking it effective immediately as nothing else had changed in my diet/activity to cause this sudden change other then the fact I had recently changed pill. I have been effected with similar symptoms but with additional heart palpitations after being fitted with the Mirena Coil for 6 months which I had to have removed due to these complications so I am sensitive to certain birth control methods and hormones. However, since stopping taking it for 3 days my chest has significantly improved with only very little chest tightness for small intervals, However as of today It appears that I have come on my period and obviously I am concerned as I only just finished my previous period just over a week ago? like I said I only took Yasmin for a week before experiencing what I did. Is this normal to occur and what should I do, treat it like a normal period and begin timing my period to start around this time of the month for future reference or not? I was aiming to visit my Doctor next week to receive a new method of contraception to begin when my next period is due as I am in a long term relationship but obviously seen as it appears I’ve come on period now should I see my doctor sooner?