Birth Control Concern during placebo week

Patient: So I have been on birth control for three years. This month, I missed one, maybe two (not in a row) birth control pills. I took them the next day. On the last day of my placebo week, my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom and he took it off right before he was about to ejaculate and did so on my back. There might have been some that dripped down. I am concerned about my chances of pregnancy with this.

Symptoms: Cramping in my lower abdominal (feel like both ovaries) and sometime my lower back.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you took the missed pills within 24 hours and as there was no direct ejaculation, the possibility of pregnancy is less.If you do not get withdrawal bleeding in one week, better to go for urine pregnancy test after three weeks of intercourse to find out the possibility of pregnancy.Hope this helps.Take care.