Birth Control Confusion, Need Help Fast!

Patient: I just started birth control, last month to be exact. And it’s called Aviane. I’m new to this, and completely confused. I’m on the 28 pill system and I am so lost. Last month I finished week 1 and 2 completely (orange pills) and in week 3 i had 4 orange ones left; i got my period on the fourth to last pill.(but had my period on the 4th week through the whitish ‘light green’) This month, i’ve finished weeks 1-3 completely. and just started the fourth week which is the whitish ‘light green’ pills, and haven’t yet gotten my period. I have been having unprotected sex with my partner quite often. and sometimes I even take my pill after we do, cause I forget to take it at the same time everyday. Usually I can keep up with that, but recently I have been all over the place. With as much as me and my partner are fooling around; I’m worried. I understand I should use a second back up plan to prevent pregnancy. I don’t know what to think, I’m so confused. Please Help Me!