Birth Control method and Nuva ring

Patient: Hi, My fiance is currently abroad and coming on April 21st to visit for one week. I have an appointment this coming Monday to see a gynecologist to get the NuvaRing. I have read a lot about this birth control method, and understand that it is effective as soon as it is inserted, however, that a second birth control method should be used for the first 7 days. We have had a lot of problems with condoms, and I really want to try to avoid them. So my question is, if I insert the NuvaRing on Monday and my fiance arrives Thursday evening, should we be protected against pregnancy? Thank you very much for you help!

Doctor: The nuva ring is a method of birth control that contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone similar to the oral cont raceptive pill. It is inserted into the vagina and it is highly advised to use back up contraceptive methods for atleast 7 days after insertion. Like the OCP it is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy if used in the correct manner. Thus you should use back up protection for a week. All the best.