Birth control options for 27 year old with incontinence

Patient: I have a history of bladder issues and currently still experience leakage. I’m getting ready to get married and am exploring birth control options. I’ve never taken birth control (virgin) but my fiance and I don’t want to get married for at least a year. I was wondering if there are birth control options that are better for people with bladder issues. I’m 27.

Symptoms: Leakage

Doctor: Hi.Welcome to ATD. Thanks for the query.Hormonal contraceptive methods may not be the recommended method of choice in your case if you are suffering from bladder incontinence leading to leakage. Using barrier methods such as condoms, vaginal diaphragms combined with spermicidal jellies etc. may be a better option in your case.Very few studies in literature have examined the use of oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) in relation to Urinary Incontinence risk. Hence, whether exogenous hormone use is associated with an increase in UI risk in premenopausal women is largely unknown.The few studies that have been conducted are suggestive of a modestly increased risk of leakage symptoms especially that of the urgency type of incontinence among current users of oral hormone therapy. A significant increase in risk has also been reported in past users of OCP, up to 9 years after stopping therapy.Hope this helps.Wish you good health.