Birth Control Pill Mishap

Patient: In the first week of my new pack of pills, I forgot to take the Monday and Thursday pills until the next morning (I usually take them at night). I was still bleeding until Tuesday night/Wednesday morning of that week. On Sunday afternoon (what would be the first day of my second week) the condom broke. I know there is some flexibility with the pill, and that as long as you don’t go 24hrs without one, it should be ok. I also know that it is not really good to mix Plan B and BC pills (I’m on Yaz), but I just wanted to get another opinion before it was too late.

Doctor: I understand your doubt about possible pregnancy. I see that you are taking oral contraceptive pills; these are a highly reliable method if used correctly. Since you took the pills that you forgot previously, the chances of you to become pregnant are minimal.However in the future, try to comply with your pills, like I said before these are a good method when taken correctly. If you miss one “active” pill, take the dose as soon as you remember or take two pills at the time of your next regularly scheduled dose. You should use backup birth control method for the remainder of the cycle when ever  this happens. I wish you the best.