Birth control pill taken by a male

Patient: I am a 29 year old healthy male, 5’10” 180lbs, long time cross dresser since age 10 or so, with a case of gender identity issues, I feel like I should have been born as a woman. Anyway the question is that I am going to be taking female birth control for 3 to 6 months, specifically a generic formulation of Ortho Novum 1 50, 1 mg Norethindrone and 0.05 mg of Mestranol the dosage is very small so I do not expect that it will do much of anything to me, but I am looking for a more professional opinion than mine. What side effects can I expect? What are the risks? Are the risks any worse than a female taking birth control? Will the pill in those dosages taken once a day at the same time just like a woman on birth control have any feminizing effects on my body. Thanks for any input you can give me on the subject of taking this pill as a male cross dresser.