Birth Control pills causing unbearable cramps.

Patient: Usually my periods are fine (little to no cramps, not really heavy, no headaches, etc.) but I’ve been on Camila birth control (the mini-pill, as I can’t take combination pills since I can’t have estrogen) for a little over a month and just got my first period while on the pill starting Sunday. The cramps are so unbearable in the morning that I am to the point of almost passing out, and my period is heavier than normal. It’s been the same unbearable pain every morning into afternoon for the past 3 days since getting my period. I take 2 Advil and it does absolutely nothing. By mid-afternoon however, it starts to subside and become just annoying but definitely manageable, then the next morning it starts the cycle all over again. Is this normal or do I need to switch to another kind of pill?