Birth control protection

Patient: I just finished my first pack of birth control pills. I’m taking ortho tricyclen lo. The doctor told me to take my first pill the day i started my period and that id be protected from pregnancy from that day on. I did and i took it at 10 am. It made me feel sick so I took it at night the next day. About a week later I forgot to take it one night but I took it the next morning and it was within 12 of when I was supposed to take it. I took my next pill that night on schedule. About a week and a half later the same exact thing happened. I forgot to take it that night so I took it the next morning and took my next pill that night. I finished my pills of that pack and took all the sugar pills at the end of the pack. I got my period during the sugar pills and now I’m on my 3rd pill of my second pack of pills. When will I be able to have unprotected sex and not have to worry about getting pregnant as long as I don’t forget any more pills?