Birth Control Start Day

Patient: I just picked up my first perscription of birth control (Aviane) and was wondering about the start day. The lady at the pharmacy told me to start the sunday after my period ends. My period usually ends on a monday/tuesday, sometimes wednesday. Should I really wait until the sunday to take it? I was also reading the paper that came inside and it said I can start any day of the week, and it had a sticker that I can put on the pack to follow for that week if I start on, say, a tuesday or whatever day. So to me, it makes sense to start the day after my period ends to take the medicated birth control pills, then when my period comes take the fake pills. But since I’ve never taken them before, so I’m really not too sure. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Doctor: Hello, I understand your doubt about your oral contraceptives beginning day. I would suggest you to start your on the o r on the first Sunday after your period begin. It’s ok to start your OCP even if you are still having your period on the day you’re scheduled to start.Since this is your first month with your pills; a backup contraceptive method such as female or male condoms are needed if you plan to have unprotected sex.After your second month on the pill you won’t need back up methods anymore if you comply with your medication. Every pill in the pack needs to be taken so that you won’t alter your cycles. I hope I could clear your doubt. I wish you the best.