Birth control switching generic to brand mid cycle?

Patient: I was on generic seasonique for five months and bled through every months. I’m on week 6 and spotted and continued taking birth control and my period went away while I was on vacation. When I got home it started again so I decided to take the recommended 3 day off. I also just got a prescription for the brand name seasonique which is suppose to be better and have less breakthrough. Once I’m done with this 3 day break can I start a while new pack of the brand name seasonique? Should I extend this 3 day break until it runs it’s coarse and then start the seasonique? Basically I’m trying to start the seasonique as soon as possible! Thanks

Doctor: You may start the new pack after your 3 day break.If there has been no break in your pill taking pattern you are protect ed but if you have not taken the pills on your vacation the previous month then you need to use an additional contraceptive method ie spermicide cream or condoms.