Birth control taken in the wrong order

Patient: I am currently on the birth control pill alysena 21 and have just realized now that I had started the pack from the wrong side. The pills have different numbers on them, 20 and 100 will this effect my pregnancy protection?

Symptoms: No symptoms

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIn case of alysena 21 which has 21 pink pills and no placebo pills it do esnt matter from which side you start the pill at. Each pill contains 100 mcg levonorgestrel and 20mcg ethinyl estradiol.its printed on the tab on both please dont worry about the markings and the side fromm which to start has th same effect.You would stand protected. Withdrawal would initiate after completion of the pack.I hope i have answered your query on detail.wishing you good health.regards