Birth Control Withdrawal

Patient: I recently stopped taking birth control and I’ve been bloated, gassy, having headaches,cramps, mood swings, and my period is late. I took 3 pregnancy tests throughout the month and they have all been negative. I stopped midway of my second pack and had a withdrawal bleed around the 3rd of September. Are these the usual symptoms from withdrawing from Birth Control ? and what can I do to help balance my hormones back out ?

Symptoms: Bloating all month, Gas, Constipation for 3 weeks, Headaches, Leg aches, mood swings, cramps

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Oral contraceptive medication normally contains synthetic hormone analogs similar to the na tural reproductive hormones produced by the ovaries. These exogenous hormones in oral contraceptives work by inhibiting ovulation thereby protecting against pregnancy. When oral contraceptives are suddenly stopped, such as in your case. you can experience hormonal fluctuations which can lead to symptoms similar to yours. Given the fact that you have had several negative pregnancy tests it likely that your symptoms may not be due to pregnancy. It is possible that you could also be experiencing the symptoms of a bacterial or viral infection unrelated to withdrawal from birth control. Given the fact that these symptoms have been affecting you for 3 weeks we recommend that you follow up with your doctor for a full examination. Your doctor may need to conduct a pelvic exam, ultrasound along with pregnancy testing to be certain that you are not pregnant. Please seek medical attention as soon as you can.Thank you for consulting