Birth problems

Patient: Hello,I rely on your expertise and please help me with an opinion in the following situation:My wife gave birth to a boy yesterday.He had problems at birth: labor lasted 18 hours (dilatation of the cervix was very slow), the child did “Bosa serosanguina” and finally the doctors decided he must be extracted by cesarean section.During the operation the mother did temperature (fever) and the child was born with temperature too.Subsequently, the child was transferred to “ICU – intensive therapy” and undergo a treatment based on antibiotics with suspected infection, but without know what kind of infection. They knew only that the number of leukocytes is very high.Child’s condition is stable: no longer has fever, breathing partially autonomous, he eats not enough milk and he has an irregularly urinate.Please specify me, if prolonged labor to 18 hours may cause such a fever and later complications for mother and child?And if a newborn infection can affect neurological development to come?Not eventually, I would like to know if you think that was done correctly?Thanks in advance for your response.Yours sincerely,Claudiu Cornoiu