Bites from holiday

Patient: I have just returned from a holiday in Egypt and I had small red dot like bites with white rings round all over my legs on the holiday, however they then disappeared, now I have returned back to England and now am covered in large red lump like bites and they are very itchy and have appeared all over my body mainly on my legs and it seems as though more are appearing I have been back from Egypt for 4 days now and they seem to be getting worse

Doctor: The skin eruptions, as explained by you, seem to be due to sensitivity/allergy to something that you may have come in co ntact with, while in Egypt. Lower limbs are usually involved while on a trek or while visiting areas with bushes or forest areas where contact with vegetation or insects is most likely. Although, these symptoms should have subsided on your return, in some cases there are delayed reactions as well, which need to be managed with a prolonged course of anti-histamine medication and local application of Lacto Calamine lotion (under supervision of a Registered Medical Practitioner only).You may also observe if you have used any cosmetic products like body lotions, which you have not used earlier. If there are no new cosmetic products that may be responsible for your rash and your rash is worsening despite the use of over the counter antihistamines, it would be best to visit a doctor to rule out the possibility of an infection causing the rash.