Black stools and Runny Nose

Patient: My 15 month old daughter has passed a black gunky stool today mixed with dark green poo. i am worried as she has been generaly unwell with a caugh n runny nose for a few days also. should i call a doctor?

Doctor: I understand that you are worried about the color of your baby’s feces. In my opinion this could be a normal event somet etimes caused by the ingestion of beets or berries to mention some, which will turn black the stools. The green color could also be normal but sometimes might be related with the type of milk that your baby is ingesting. Both of the stool colors that you mention could be related to iron fortified formulas, if that is your case. Please discuss more deeply with your Pediatrician the type of milk that your baby is taking.If your baby is having runny nose for a while it is my duty to suggest you to take him or her to a Pediatrician for evaluation, a simple runny nose could get complications such as an Infection of the Middle Ear. Please watch for signs of irritability and Fever.