Blackhead inflammation/related.

Patient: I had a blackhead on my face (a few cm below eye and across nose) and I tried to use the blackhead tool remover. Because of this the blackhead is now a bit swollen and is red around. There are also what appears to be small dents in my skin (which may have been caused by the blackhead remover) and hurts a little when washing around that area. Can I use pore strips on the blackheads? If not what can I do to cure this and the little dent around my blackhead?

Symptoms: A bit of pain, blackhead with redness around

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your query on ATD. Your overzealous efforts to remove blackhead has resulted into inflammation of the lesions. Sometimes it may require to make the area numb to remove blackhead.Kindly visit your dermatologist.He will take out the blackheads & the scars.