Blackness near anus region

Patient: Sir actually there is a black area with little small lumps on the ending lines of my thigh and penis starting or I can say the anus area .And they itch sometimes.I don’t know what is it.Please help me out.

Symptoms: itching , Blackness little bit, small lumps type 2-3 in quantity.

Doctor: Most common cause for this is Tinea cruris. It is fungal infection that affects the groin folds around genital and anal region. In milder form it may present as discoloration of the local skin with itching. It is most common in children and can affect the adults also. It is the infection caused by Fungus and spread by sharing towels, clothes or sports garments. Pets also can transmit the infection. These are treated by antifungal medicines. Various types of antifungal medication are available. Consult Dermatologist and follow his advise.