Bladder and Kidney Problems

Patient: I am a 60 yr old female and have a lot of health issues, the one I am concerned about is my bladder and kidney, I recently had surgery and my surgeon told me that the inside of my bladder was black and just had a UA done and it showed a 5+ for protein and my urine is pink. What do you think is causing all of this ?

Symptoms: Back pain and pink urine and high protein in urine also lost over 70 #

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.All your symptoms are suggestive of either severe cystitis or the infection has ascended up to the kidneys.You need to get a CT KUB done which will give a better picture and also get an RFT done to check the status of the kidney.If a kidney infection is confirmed, IV antibiotics may be required for further management.Please get a detailed evaluation done soon, as kidney infections progress rapidly if the medicines are not started on time.Hope this was helpful.Regards.