Bladder Infection or more serious?

Patient: For the past 5 days I’ve been feeling pain while urinating and feeling as if I need to go a lot. I’ve started my period on the 15th but it has been a very light and unusual period. I’ve only had to wear a panty liner which is not normal for me. I’ve also had a lot of mucous type discharge. For the past two days my bladder has been hurting more and today it really hurts to cough or laugh along with just hurting constantly. My urine is very cloudy and has a foul smell. Can you help?

Symptoms: Painful urination, mucous discharge, bleeding, foul smell, bladder hurting, a lot of urge to urinate

Doctor: Thank you for your questions. Your symptoms are likely indicative of a urinary tract infection. These symptoms can inde ed worsen the longer you go untreated, and the infection is allowed to progress upward from the bladder to the kidneys, resulting in pyelonephritis. We recommend that go to your doctor be examined and be treated. You most likely be prescribed a course of antibiotic medication to treat this possible urinary tract infection.Thank you for choosing