Bladder/Kidney infection??

Patient: I have been getting pains in my lower abdomen. I first noticed it in the middle of the night i would wake up with a pain in my side and it was gone once i used the washroom. i suspected a kidney or bladder infection so i drank lots of water to flush it out. But i am still having pains but now they are getting lower. What is it and what should i do?

Symptoms: Pain in my lower abdomen

Doctor: Hello,This typical pain in lower abdomen getting relieved on using the washroom indicates a probable urinary tract in fection . It is advised that you may get a urine culture /routine/microscopy done to isolate the organism causing this infection.Also , get an ultrasound pelvis done to rule out any ovarian cause due to likely development of an ovarian cyst which can cause pain as well.However , an empirical course of urinary antibiotics may be taken in full course for 7 days like TAB NORFLOX-TINIDAZOLE , this would help relieve any form of infection and relieve the pain as well, or you may opt for antispasmodics on prescription from your physician. Continue drinking water.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards