Bladder trouble. Pain sometimes like cramps

Patient: I had a pain that came from the lower part of my stomach and went to my left lower back. I thought I had a kidney stone but the pain went away. Then I had a bladder infection. Got 2rounds of med. infection went away but I still have the urge to pee. Sometimes I just hurt in lower stomach like cramps. It’s been like thus for 2 months.

Symptoms: Already did in question above

Doctor: Hello,If there still exists an urge to pee , then definitely the infection in bladder has not been treated adequatel y and may require further follow up with a repeat urine routine microscopy and culture. The typical symptoms of lower abdominal and lower back pain with urgency and often burning approves to the diagnosis of urinary tract infection. If you have had taken treatment earlier then it is likely that a resistant strain has reinfected your bladder again.Please visit your physician for an examination with urine culture and an ultrasound KUB ( kidney,ureter, bladder)to rule out any evidence of recurrent urolithiasis.I hope i have answered your query in detail, wishing you good health,regards