Bleach in Direct Contact with Skin!

Patient: Hello, about a year ago, before I started college, I poured bleach in one spot on my mattress. Let’s just say my bladder was too full. Anyway, I thought that it dried and would be okay so I went to sleep on it that night. And one or two days after, I got a rash with tiny red bumps all over my back, mostly the top half. I figured out the cause and covered my mattress with a cover and plastic sheet. The rash went away but even today, I still tiny little bumps (flesh colored) on the top half of my back. You can’t see them but when I run my hand over my back, I can feel them. How do I get rid of these little bumps once and for all?

Symptoms: Symptoms: I don;t really have any symptoms, just little tiny bumps as if I had hives or a rash, without the irritation.