Bleeding 12 days post IUI, hpt negative, can i still be pregnant?

Patient: Medium flow bleeding after 12 days IUiYesterday was my 11th day post IUI and i had pinkish to brownish spotting then it turns out today it become reddish brown blood which is today is my 12th day. I took hpt this morning and its negative. I was due to get my hcg test after tomorrow but im really saddened and confused that i may be not pregnant. Last march my cycle is 31 days and april was 33 days. During march i started ttc with the help of clomid by and natural contact but ddnt worked out, april had fluid cyst so ddnt continue the treatment. I had spotting from May 10-18 then blood flows from 19-23 . I wasnt sure whether i should count from the days i spot last month or only when it started to have blood to calculate my cycle. They did run IUI on the 28 and 29 which is two inseminations, my hubby had 21 million sperms post washed and good motility, his second was only 12 million sperms after wash. This time i had talen again clomid and had gonal F injections 175 for few days plus they mornitored my eggs by ultrasound til they said its time to run IUI.I was wondering this bleeding that i am having now if its my menstrual period? That i have to give up the hope for having a baby this month? Or still theres a chance for me to be pregnant? I cant wait til after tomorrow, coz im really getting depressed, though ive seen some forums that some women experience heavy bleeding and yet later on they get positive results. I need proper advice. Thank you in advance

Doctor: Assisted reproductive techniques and fertility treatment have increased the chances of getting pregnant for many women; however the process may be long and anxiety-ridden for many. Going by your description of the bleeding you are experiencing and its timing, it seems possible that you could be experiencing Implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding may be an early sign of pregnancy for approximately 1/3 of all women who conceive. Typically it is a lighter form of a period, reddish-brown in color and lasts for only 1 – 2 days.A home pregnancy test depends on testing for urinary hCG. It has many limitations and there is a wide variation at the levels of hCG at which it first tests positive. Only about 25% of pregnant women will test positive with the HPT 2 days before a missed period, and about 40% the day before the missed period. Urine hCG can be detected only about two to three days after blood hCG can first be seen.I hope you find the above information reassuring. I would recommend that you take the hCG blood tests recommended by your doctor as they are more definitive in detecting an early pregnancy. Wish you all the very best and I hope you complete your family soon.