Bleeding after abortion

Patient: Hello doctor,I recently had a medical termination of my 4 week pregnancy via a gynaecologist on 10 December 2014. It was pretty normal , bleeding started and accompanied by cramps , religiously took the medicines that my gynae gave me to prevent infection and after 14 days i went for a follow-up and got an ultrasound done . Gynae told me that my abortion was almost complete and few traces of pregnancy are still there in uterus so she advised me to insert 4 misprostol tablets into my vagina again so that there shouldn’t be any problem later on . Also she told me that there was no more need of any follow up. I did that too and bled sporadically for a week and then it stopped. But now almost after a week it had stopped, Now when i started exercising , I am bleeding again – not foul smelling or clots but kind of fresh blood – soaking around 2 pads in a day . I am concerned although i dont have any other symptoms like fever or cramps or anything. Is it my menstrual periods have started or should i be concerned ?I want to add that this was first time i had to do abortion, I am 23 year old healthy female.

Symptoms: Only bleeding , no other symptom

Doctor: Hello,If there were products of conception left after the first ultrasound then after a week now of bleeding followin g misoprostol usage you must get a follow up transvaginal ultrasound done to look for completion of abortion, or there are still some products left inside. If so then you may have to undergo a curettage again under antibiotic cover.regards