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Bleeding after surgical abortion

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Hi I'm 25 otherwise healthy female.I had a surgical abortion at 11 weeks 6 days everything went fine but 3 months on I'm still bleeding since the abortion i have not gone a whole week with out bleeding it stops and starts i have bleeding every week i don't no if Ive had a period or not because i haven't had a couple of weeks without bleeding.i went to the Dr 2 months after the abortion explained the bleeding she said its fine it heals different for everyone i had also gone because i was very tired i was struggling to complete a day i was also getting headaches and was very dizzy she looked at my blood tests from when i was pregnant and said they where fine,so i started taken Spirulina they have helped a little bit and i don't get as dizzy but I'm still tired and am still bleeding i also when i have sex it feels uncomfortable and bleed afterwards which lasts 3-4 days.Is this my body taking its time to recover?can u help me or suggest what i should do please its starting to worry me. Thanks for your help


After 3 months, you should have completely recovered from your procedure and should not have irregular bleeding. I suspect you may have suffered a complication such as retained products of conception. This would explain your continued bleeding. I urge you to seek medical attention immediately as the heavy blood loss as already started to take its toll as evidenced by your weakness, frequent headaches and dizziness! A simple ultrasound will confirm my suspicions and repeat surgical procedure will correct the problem.

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