Bleeding after taking emergency contraceptive

Patient: 5 days ago, I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. As a precaution, I took an emergency contraceptive and the day we had sex was on the last day of my period. 5 days later, I started bleeding (kinda like period blood). Am I pregnant or is this just a side effect of the contraceptive?

Symptoms: Bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the question to askthedoctor.comYou had sex in the safe period of your cycle , however it was wi se on your part to take the emergency contraception pill for protection. The bleed you experienced is the withdrawal bleed due to shedding endometrium which occurs withing 7 days of taking the ipill.The fact that there was a bleed , ensures that you are not pregnant. Now the day of bleed becomes your fresh LMP.I hope i have answered your query.wishing you good health.regards