Bleeding and spotting before a period!

Patient: Hello! I’m a female 22 years old. The problem is I’ve been bleeding/spotting for about 9 days now… What has happened before is.. I was on the pill (Maexeni), then went off it just for a week, cause I simply didnt had time to go get more. And I had unprotected sex if I remember correctly on 15th or 16th of June , then I went to go get my pill and also emergency contraception on 18th of June. The emergency contraception was called Levonelle and I took it approximately 50-60 hours after having unprotected sex. I also started taking the pill. I took 2 strips in a row, cause I didn’t wanna get my period cause I was on holiday. Started taking the pill on 18th of June. I think it was the second strip when I missed a pill, took it the next day, then after a few days I missed 2 pills, took them the next day, and during this time when I missed this pills I had sex as well, which what I understand is unprotected cause if I miss more than 1 pill I should use extra protection. But I didn’t. So I was supposed to get my period on 2nd of August, but I started having weird light bleeding on 27th July, and shortly after this weird, textured like clot came out as well. (it wasn’t slimy or gooey or snotty) And also for few hours I had painful period like cramping. That day I had light bleeding, it stopped at night, when I woke up there was only a tiny little bit of brownish discharge, then nothing the whole day, and late at night after using the toilet I wiped red blood, but nothing on my underwear. I also took a pregnancy test that day and it was negative. Then waking up on the 3rd day there was again a very tiny amount of blood spotting. I went to a walk in centre, they did another pregnancy test, but said it might be too early and take it again in a week. So all the next days when I was wiping there was little amounts of blood, sometimes very little on my underwear as well, I used panty liners all those days, but sometimes wasn’t really necessary as I was mainly spotting when wiping. Then my expected period date came on 2nd of August, and I did start bleeding more, but it still wasnt like it usually is, it was a lot lighter, didn’t really need to change my pad the whole day. Then next day waking up there was barely any blood from night, I still wore a pad yesterday – Tuesday, but there wasn’t any more blood. So today, Im not using anything and Im not bleeding anymore, but when I go to the toilet there’s still spotting when I wipe. (all these days the spotting has been mainly in red color, rarely pinkish.) I also did a pregnancy test today like I was told and it was negative again.For more information – I have missed pills in the past like this, but THIS has never happened! I have never in my life spotted before period, and this long! and I don’t really have any clots with my period, not even talking about something coming out a week before my period was due.So can you please help, give me some advice on what this might be and what should I do? Thank you!

Symptoms: Bleeding/spotting before period, very light period, spotting after.