Bleeding behind the yolk sack in early pregnancy, no spotting.

Patient: Is bleeding behind the yolk sack in early pregnancy a sign of misscaraige or is it normal?

Symptoms: I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I went in for an ultrasound two days ago. I was told that I had some bleeding behind the yolk sack. I’ve had bad cramping since I became pregnant but I mostly put it off to my having endometriosis. I worked as a package handler my first few weeks of pregnancy and did a lot of heavy lifting in a very fast paced inviroment. This caused a lot of crippling pain and I had to quit. I’ve been out of work for 3 weeks now. I still get pain if i stand too long or lift something a little heavy. Even walking to much hurts. Laying in certain positions for too long causes discomfort aswell. Other than the bleeding behind the yolk sack and cramping everything seems well. Heartbeat is 175, the baby was wiggling around during the ultrasound. I have no spotting or outer signs of the bleed but due to the bleeding in my uterus I was told to rest, avoid physical activities, and refraine from having intercourse. Should I be worried? What are some of the reasons I’m bleeding and will this fix itself? Is there a risk of misscaraige? I’m slightly terrified..