Bleeding but had a positive pregnancy test

Patient: Bleeding in pregnancy missed period positive pregnancy test started bleeding pretty heavy with a few small clots for two days then just stopped but since then been regularly getting blood when I wipe just a smudge or sometimes strands of blood

Symptoms: Bleeding

Doctor: The fact that your pregnancy kits tested positive rules out any doubt regarding the fact that you are/ were pregnant. Bl eeding after a positive pregnancy test however could be suggestive of a miscarriage. In fact the most common signs of miscarriage are vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain early in pregnancy. These problems should always be evaluated by a clinician as it is very difficult to judge based on history only, if the pregnancy is viable and ongoing.However you must also know that bleeding and discomfort can occur in normal pregnancies as well. In many cases, bleeding resolves on its own and the pregnancy continues normally without any further problems. It would be advisable in your case that you consult an emergency room or your gynecologist immediately to get your condition diagnosed.