Bleeding clots after medical abortion

Patient: Dear Doctor, My wife aged 37years had a medicine inducedabortion on 10 Jan 12. She bled for about 4 weeks then the bleeding stopped for 3-4 days. She had her first period after abortion from 17 feb onwards and the bleeding was on the higher side. Yesterday the bleeding had almost stopped but today it has started . She is passing clots. Is it normal to have an elongated period after abortion and when will she get normal. She had an ultrasound on 28 Jan and the doctor had given all clear. Please advice.

Doctor: I do understand your concern about your wife’s bleeding after medical termination of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is comm on and typically heavier than a period, but not usually excessive. Usually bleeding may last anywhere from 8 to 17 days, but in some may even continue till 60 days. Medical abortion is effective in upto 90-98% of the cases. However, since the ultrasound was clear we can rule out retained products of conception as the cause of bleeding. Depending on how far along in the pregnancy your wife was, it can take from 6-24 months before the body and hormonal systems return to normal.