Bleeding Discharge… Period Due

Patient: I last had sexual intercourse on Sunday 15 February, and we used protection – we always have done, and I have only ever been with the same man. I then began my period the following Wednesday – the 18th of February. 3 days before my next period was due, I noticed a brownish tinge to my vaginal discharge, and very light bleeding when wiping. My period is due today and there is no sign (although I am not very regular anyway), but this light bleeding seems to be drawing to an end. Should I be concerned? Should I take a home pregnancy test? Should I make an appointment?

Symptoms: No period cramps or other symptoms. No other early pregnancy symptoms. No itch, smell or discomfort. Brown and bloody discharge when period is due.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to for an opinion.If you have experienced a similar light brown dischar ge with bleed on 18th feb as well following an intercourse and then your menses had resumed after that, it is likely that a similar pattern is evident even this month due to a possible early progesterone withdrawal. This is unlikely to be an implantation bleed as you have been using protection through out. this may be the start of your menses again and day 1 when the bleeding is light and the flow is gained in the following days. However if this bleeding stops and your menses are not resumed with normal flow then you may take a urine pregnancy test after a week ( ideally always 7 days post missed period date for specificity for the kit) to rule out pregnancy.If the bleeding is typically seen after intercourse then it is likely due to local causes like cervical erosions or possible vaginal lacerations acquired during intercourse and then you would require to visit your physician for a per speculum examination for a diagnosis of the same. Presently wait for a week and watch for the flow of menses.I hope i have answered your query and concerns,Regards