Bleeding during deep penetration

Patient: I have been having sex with my boyfriend for 11 months now and everytime he goes in far i bleed. please could you tell me what is wrong.

Symptoms: Bleeding during sex and after

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Most common cause of a post coital bleeding or bleeding at intercourse are friction at sex on a dry vagina, cervical inflammations, cervical infections and even an early cervical carcinoma or a cervical polyp or a localised growth in the vaginal mucosa. It is recommended that you get an examination done by a gynecologist and do a pap smear too, to rule out cervical causes, a colposcopy and biopsy may be needed further in case of any changes locally or in the pap smear. Use a lubricant before sex, in case you have a dry vagina.Hope this helped.Regards