Bleeding during pregnancy

Patient: Bhcg levels dropped almost 90 points, first er doc said they would double in a couple days if pregnancy was progressing normal or drop significantly if miscarriage was happening, went back to er to have them checked and this doc said it was normal for them to fluctuate and I was fine, but to follow up with ob in a week. Bleeding and cramps have gotten progressively worse between both er visits. ER doc did extend my bed rest for a week, but I am more confused now that before. What do you think?

Doctor: I know how concerned you are about your condition. The most probable cause for your decrease in HCG levels in my opinion might have probably been due to a threatened miscarriage, based on the bleeding and the cramps that you felt. When symptoms like these happen in a first trimester pregnancy your doctor may recommend resting until the bleeding or pain subsides. You may be asked to avoid exercise and sex as well; it’s also a good idea to avoid traveling.You probably might need to be re evaluated continuously for your HCG levels and also with ultrasounds until you stabilize or you develop a true miscarriage. I hope I could clear your doubt, I wish you the best.